The aesthetic design and durability of every project result represent the quality of work that has been performed during the fit-out stage. The selection of fit-out material, each furniture design, and decoration requires a very meticulous procedure as it will be representing the final touches of design towards the interior setting. In this stage, Luxury Antonovich Design performs a very intensive execution according to the concept design. Having the most professional, knowledgeable, and experienced interior design team, Luxury Antonovich Design always manages to provide the most competitive selection of fit-out materials using the latest technology and advanced modern equipment with constant monitoring of new product implementation. The selection of furniture and fit-out materials is one of the major parts of interior design execution. Luxury Antonovich Design always manages to perform this stage with an individual approach in each premise. It was indeed such a great advantage choosing Luxury Antonovich Design as an interior fit-out company Dubai team in developing properties local and international.

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As the Luxury Antonovich Design offers a complete package of project executions for A to Z. When it comes to the right selection of fit-out materials for interior design, Luxury Antonovich Design always guaranties to assist and be the best consultant of every property owner/ client to give an expert advice and consultancy in style all through the entire project development.


As soon as the client has decided about the concept design that will be implementing to their properties, choosing the right quality and style to accomplish the best interior is the selection of furniture and materials. Keep in mind that consistency in style is always the key achieve the best proportional interior setting. Whatever the concept design is, Luxury Antonovich Design always manages to remain focus on every point and requirement by the client. Enhancing the interior mood of the property most especially when it is a residential house, the personality and lifestyle of the owner should always be present in every mood of the interior. Having a personalized design, most especially in houses, will bring out a natural sophistication and unique design. Another great advantage is choosing Luxury Antonovich Design is that it has its own manufacturing and factory for all types of luxury furniture as well as interior materials which are being needed in every fit-out solution. Each prestigious item is being showcased at the biggest luxury furniture store in Dubai – Luxury Antonovich Home, which is also owned by Katrina Antonovich. At Luxury Antonovich Home, you will find the widest variety of luxury furniture, decorations, accessories, all types of fit-out materials and equipment. Indeed, Luxury Antonovich Design is your one-stop fit-out interior design team that will absolutely bring your dream property into reality. Luxury Antonovich Design always assures to deliver a completely hassle-free experience and cost efficiency towards the complete interior fit-out execution.


  • Floor schemes – marble, waterjet, tiles, carpet, parquet etc.
  • Wall schemes – wallpaper, wall paneling, plaster, paint, wall lighting, wall decoration
  • Ceiling schemes – plasterwork, stretch and blaster boards, gypsum, chandelier, lighting, and spotlight
  • Doors, windows, and partition
  • Electrical schemes
  • Lighting schemes
  • AC grills
  • Sockets and switches
  • Decoration and accessories  


  1. On-site inspection – After analyzing the main layout of the property, the project manager along with the site engineers, architect and Chief designer will be conducting site inspection to be able to check and ensure that the project is suitable to conduct a fit-out performing interior design execution.
  2. Space planning – This is one of the most important stages in performing interior design execution and fit-out work. From the main layout of the property, Luxury Antonovich Design will be developing each parameter of spaces to perform the great balance in style. To perform an accurate space planning solution will not only benefit the ideal design of the structure but will also bring out the most functional and pleasant mood of the interior. The right space planning development will also avoid design congestion although the entire interior setting.  
  3. Design implementation – After all the drawing approvals in conducting the space planning, the design implementation shall begin. Luxury Antonovich Design is using different advanced technology methods in developing interior designs setting and presentations with the client. Luxury Antonovich Design has a 3D visual team that has been very expert and performing three-dimensional design for the fit-out and interior design work. This technology allows the client/ property owner to see the actual arrangement of the interior design of the project having the exact decoration, materials, and furniture design.
  4. Cost Estimation – Luxury Antonovich Design provides a concrete agreement contract which is being signed by the higher management involved and the property owners. There will be an accurate program of payment terms according to every accomplished stage and pre-payments. There will be a right and just scheduling of payment costs which is also being signed and agreed by all parties. Luxury Antonovich Design always works with quality and equality by all means of professional services and proficient work.
  5. Fit-out Execution – Luxury Antonovich Design performs the highest standards of development to achieve the most desirable interior setting. In every project executions and fit-out work, Luxury Antonovich Design always assures to bring out the best result in accordance with global standards and guidelines.

Turnkey Stage – Reaching this stage means that the entire project design execution has come into success. Before the turnover of the property, Luxury Antonovich Design will do the final supervision. The team will be checking all systems and equipment’s as well as the documents needed

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